Paying Child Support in Texas: Who, When, & Where

Tips on Paying Child Support in Texas: Part 3

Parts one and two of this three-part series provided a basic overview on calculating child support in Texas based on the statutory guidelines and on departing from those guidelines based on the unique situation of the parties. Once the amount of child support is determined, the family law court generally orders child support payments to take place at a certain place and time. It is up to the "obligor" (the noncustodial parent/person paying child support) to comply with the order by making the payments as ordered by the court.

Above Guidelines Child Support

Part one of this three-part series on child support gave a basic understanding of child support calculations in Texas based on the statutory guidelines. However, the court may order child support payments in an amount that differs from the recommended guidelines amount if there are circumstances that justify a variance or demonstrate that a higher or lower amount is in the best interest of the child.

How to Calculate Child Support in Texas

Calculate Child Support using the Statutory Guidelines

Accurately calculating child support can be a prickly issue in divorce cases. Usually, the obligor (the person paying child support) wants to pay the least amount possible while the obligee wants as much as possible. Calculating child support payments can become rather complicated, especially in this era of blended families. Our Fort Worth Family Law Attorneys are experienced in calculating child support and getting the best results in your Tarrant County family law matters.

Child Support 101

Understanding the Basics of Child Support

Child support is an emotional issue in most divorces. Yet, courts often spend very little time on this issue. The reason: child support is usually based on simple math. Under Texas law, there is a formula that calculates "guidelines" child support. This formula takes into account that parent's wages, the number of children in that particular case (called "the number of children before the court") and that parent's total number of children.

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