Are you protecting yourself against these divorce mistakes?

When going through a divorce, it's easy to slip into the trap of doing whatever it takes to quickly put this chapter of your life in the past. With this approach, you're more likely to make a mistake that costs you money and time, while also adding more stress to your life in the future.

Emotional impacts of divorce on children

Children thrive in consistency, so, understandably, they often struggle when their parents divorce. This significant life change can seem like more than they can handle. They may feel intense and new emotions that they struggle to translate into language. Trying to help them through this can prove challenging, but it can also give them the skills they need to cope with changes throughout life.

3 steps to prepare your finances for divorce

The way you prepare your finances for divorce will impact the process in many ways. The right steps will put you in a position to protect your legal rights and avoid unnecessary complications. Conversely, if you overlook something of importance, it could slow you down and bring on additional challenges.

Prenups are basically for wealthy marrying partners in Texas, right?

National tabloids and entertainment-linked stories frequently spotlight prenuptial agreements when they chronicle celebrity divorce tales. That reasonably implies for many people that discussing and executing a marital contract prior to getting hitched is something almost exclusively reserved for wealthy couples.

Summer Possession Denied? A Habeas proceeding could help.

Summer is here. That means most families with joint custody have carefully planned their summer activities and scheduled their vacations. July is generally the month where most non-custodial parents have possession of their children for a full month. But what happens if the custodial parent refuses to surrender the child on July 1st as ordered by the court,
threatening much-anticipated summer plans?

Understanding Your Texas Summer Possession Schedule

School is wrapping up and summer is just around the corner. Many divorced and blended families are now looking at their summer plans and scratching their heads trying to figure out who has which kid when. Texas summer possession orders can be confusing because they build in some flexibility through notice requirements and discretionary possession periods. The summer possession periods are generally referred to as "extended summer possession" in the order.

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